Various packages for SLAX

Programms for SLAX distributes in LZM modules. Slaxbuild is a script that builds an LZM module from scratch.

I often used SLAX some time ago so I built a several programms for it. You can see list of ready-to-install modules and repository of slaxbuilds. Currently it contain:

How to install russian localization and unicode support

First you need to download a module (russian-utf8-x.x.x.lzm) and a boot image (initrd.gz) from here. Then install initrd.gz into boot/ and russian-utf8-6.0.7-i486-2.lzm into slax/modules/. After reboot you'll have russificated system with unicode support.

And don't forget about choosing codepage in konsole.

See also my article about SLAX in russian.