About me

Alexander Markov aka Komar

My name is Alexander Markov and I'm a programmer. I'm 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 years old and I'm beardy.

I like heavy music, good movies and beautiful technologies

I'm a kind of geek and I live a sloppy life.

Also people call me «komar». It's a nickname from my childhood. It was formed with “Sashka Markov”.

For communication

Mail me on (apsheronets@gmail.com) or use jabber (komar@bitcheese.net).



Page on lastfm. A very good thing. It is watching all my music which plays on my box. It perfectly traces my diseased music passions.

Some photos.

Page on youtube. Videos. A little of interesting too.



Microblog Dump in russian at psto.net.

Blog in russian at wordpress.

Microblog in russian at juick.com. The service's creator has banned me and removed my blog besides he is a dickgirl. Archive.


Twitter @AlexanderMarkov. 200 symbols, my ass.